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Key Messages is a research tool that mixes traditional message testing practices seamlessly with today's technology. Set your next messaging study apart by increasing engagement among all three points of contact: the respondent, researcher, and clients. Let us show you how this intuitive online tool will add speed, efficiency, and cost-savings to your next qualitative messaging study - whether it will be conducted in person or over the phone.

Engaging interviews, real-time data, cost-efficiency. Have it all with Key Messages.


Traditional messaging studies have struggled logistically for a long time. It is costly to fly research teams across markets to conduct interviews in person. Alternatively, there's no easy way to conduct classic messaging research over the phone due to the need for sorting, ranking, and story flow exercises. We as researchers require a tool that allows us to mimic the way messaging studies are conducted in person, but in an online format to address these issues.

Key Messages was originally conceived as a way to help solve these problems. Today, the tool has grown beyond just solving logistics issues to add value to your next messaging proposal and project.

  • Telephone interviews: Key Messages helps facilitate rich discussion, without the distraction of awkward make-shift sorting exercises during web-assisted phone interviews. The tool allows telephone interviews to be more "true to life" and in-line with an in-person messaging study, allowing for more engagement from the moderator, respondent, and clients.
  • In-person interviews: Moderators can have Key Messages open on a laptop or iPad, engaging the respondent in a more modern interface vs. paper card sorting. The screen image can even be projected for clients in the back room to view, solving the classic problem of clients straining to see stimuli being shown by the moderator.
  • Telephone and in-person interviews: Key Messages captures data in real-time. No more hours spent on data entry. Results can be pulled and shared with clients at any point in the study. Have a multi-country messaging study? No problem. Clients can access the data from any market, any time. No more panicking about that quick-turnaround topline report!
  • In-person interviews: Since all messages are stored electronically within the secure web application, there is no more need for the moderator to scramble to re-arrange stimuli after each interview. Tired of lugging papers across the country, or wasting resources on multiple copies? Key Messages has you covered.
Meaningful Data
  • Key Messages provides two additional layers of data, beyond the counts from sorting and ranking exercises: the tool offers customizable scales for message ratings, and customizable "flags" to mark messages that are particularly positive, negative, meaningful, questionable... whatever you want!
Cost Efficiency
  • Through these features, Key Messages can create a more cost-efficient messaging study for your client by lessening the need for travel and data entry. With this tool you can confidently propose a telephone study, and offer a platform that will add a little extra pizzazz to your next proposal.


Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Interface

With a few easy clicks, you can sort, rank, and file responses just as you would in a classic, in-person messaging interview. This intuitive feature has a significant impact on both the quality of your research and the amount of time spent on data entry. "Less than ideal" telephone interviews become meaningful true-to-life discussions. Printing and shipping stimuli becomes a thing of the past. Instead, you can dedicate that time to what's important: your research.

Real-Time Results

The data you gather can be pulled and shared with clients at ANY point in the study, right away. No more struggling with data entry. When the client springs that last minute deadline on you, you already have all of the counts, rankings, and rating to share. The client even has the ability to watch the interviews live like never before - following along message by message.

Multi-Language Capabilities

The Key Messages App supports multiple languages, so you can experience the benefits of the tool for your global studies.

Customizable Rating Scales and Flags

This tool incorporates the opportunity to add scales, so ratings can be added in to give that additional layer of data. The tool can also "flag" messages that are particularly useful/motivating, or that raise more questions/red flags/negative reactions, etc... to begin to identify trends soon after the research begins.

Easy Project Setup

Each project is set up to your unique specifications by our dedicated team. All the moderator needs to do is wait for his/her secure link, and the tool is ready to go. Moderator training is included for all new users, or those who want to be reacquainted with the tool.

Flexibility in Fieldwork

Do you anticipate changes in the messages as the study goes on? Do you have a client that often tweaks language as research progresses? No problem. The easy-to-use Admin feature allows you to make changes to the messages as needed, when needed.

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Key Messages is created and supported by Key Qualitative, Inc., a boutique marketing research firm specializing in qualitative research.

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